Meet CIS Student: Emma Robins

July 14, 2023 by Alexandra Pennell
Name: Emma Robins (she/her)
Background: Northern Alberta - Treaty 8, Indigenous with Metis heritage
Program: 3rd year (entering 4th), major in English, minors in cinema studies, and Indigenous studies 
College: Woodsworth  
Graduate Year: 2024 
Areas of Interest: Writing, reading, Indigenous pedagogy, orality, non-for profits, dance 

What drew you to our program (Indigenous Studies)? 

Being Indigenous, I wanted to continue to be involved in the learning of my cultures. Through Indigenous Studies at UofT, I have been able to continue to learn about Indigenous peoples in an academic and community setting. I find it rare to be part of a nice and welcoming community within a university setting. 


Which course has been your favourite?  

My favourite Indigenous Studies course has been INS261H (Contemporary Challenges Facing Indigenous Communities) taught by Professor Brenda Wastasecoot. I really love [Professor] Brenda and appreciate how much we are able talk and discuss in her course. In bigger courses, you do not get as much of an opportunity to do that so I really love getting to do that here.


How has the city of Toronto helped shape your experience at the CIS? 

The contrast from northern alberta is quite siginficant. I appreciate that people are open and want to talk about their indigenity here. UofT has also given me so many resources and support.


What are your career aspirations?  

I would like to work for non-for-profits in the future. 


In what ways are you involved with Indigenous Studies at UofT? 

Other than being a student, I have been trying to attend as many events as I can. Last year, I attended a couple of online events during education week as well as the beading workshop. I like to study and hang out at First Nations House as well. 


What would you say to a prospective student interested in our program? 

If you are looking for a place that has community, connection and support, definitely come to Indigenous Studies. If you want to learn more about Indigenous peoples and their cultures, come to Indigenous Studies!