About Our Undergraduate Studies

Indigenous Studies at the University of Toronto is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program within the Faculty of Arts and Science. The program is dedicated to the scholarly study and research of the priorities and aspirations of Indigenous peoples in Canada and throughout the world. An important goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students to learn and think about Indigenous knowledges in creative, transformative and critical ways. The program offers courses that engender a rigorous and respectful understanding of Indigenous peoples’ languages, knowledges, cultures, histories, politics, arts, intellectual traditions, and research methodologies. The University of Toronto’s Indigenous Studies program has developed from a Minor designation to a degree program offering a Major and now a Specialist in Indigenous Studies.  A key feature of our program is its respect and promotion of Indigenous knowledges, as evidenced by the commitment to Indigenous language instruction and courses devoted to the topic of Indigenous knowledge itself. Students are encouraged to seek counselling and information about this program from indigenous.studies@utoronto.ca.

Associate Professors

S. Hill
D. Turner
L.M. Montgomery
C. Suzack
R. DeCaire

Assistant Professors

T.J. Brant
M. Daigle
M. Jeffrey
H. Dorries
B. Wastasecoot
N. Staats Pangowish
V. Ross
K. White

Faculty of Arts & Science Language Citation

Indigenous Studies participates in the Faculty of Arts & Science Language Citation Initiative for Anishinaabemowin. The study of the Anishinaabe language is a demanding and intellectually rewarding educational experience. Successful study of this language demonstrates intelligence, discipline, analytical sophistication, and an excellent memory. The study of any language provides invaluable insights into the varieties of human culture and expression.

In each language the Language Citation recognizes a significant level of achievement in language study with a high level of academic success. The Citation in Anishinaabemowin is available to students who complete INS210Y1 and earn a grade of at least B- in INS310Y1 and INS301Y1/INS351Y1.

Students should note that, as explained in the About Programs of Study section of this Calendar, the Language Citation is not equivalent to an academic program and that enrolment in a program is not necessary in order to earn the recognition bestowed by the Citation.