Current Undergraduate Courses

The following is a list of courses that can be used towards a Specialist, Major, or Minor in Indigenous Studies. 

Group A

INS/JIG/JFP/JPI (Indigenous Studies) Courses:

Course Code Course Name Note
INS200H1 Introduction to Indigenous Truth and Resilience  
INS201Y1 Introduction to Indigenous Studies: Foundations, History and Politics* Required pre-requisite for most INS/JIG/JFP/JPI courses*
JPI201H1 Indigenous Politics in Canada  
INS205H1 Indigenous Worldviews, Spiritual and Healing Traditions  
INS210Y1 Introduction to Anishinaabemowin  
INS215Y1 Introduction to an Indigenous Language of Canada Not offered at present
INS220Y1 Introduction to Kanien’kéha (Mohawk Language)  
INS230H1 Introduction to Inuktitut Not offered at present
INS231H1 Elementary Inuktitut Not offered at present
INS240Y1 Ecological Interactions: Intro to Indigenous and Western Sciences Breadth Requirements: Living Things and Their Environment (4)
INS250H1 Indigenous Environmental Science and Practice (Formally: Indigenous Environmental Education)  
INS261H1 Contemporary Challenges Facing Indigenous Communities  
INS300Y1 Worldviews, Indigenous Knowledges, and Oral Tradition  
INS301Y1 Indigenous Language and Culture  
INS302H1 Indigenous Representation in the Mass Media and Society  
INS303H1 Indigenous Language and Indigenous Thought  
INS304H1 Exploring Indigenous Thought Through Language Texts  
INS310Y1 Anishinaabemowin II  
INS320Y1 Kanien’kéha II  
INS322H1 Indigenous Narratives of Empowerment  
JIG322H1 Indigenous Worlds, Worldviews and the Environment  
INS340Y1 Indigenous Health Science Breadth Requirements: Living Things and Their Environment (4)
INS341H1 North American Indigenous Theatre  
INS350H1 Indigenous Health Systems  
INS352H1 Indigenous Leadership, Policy and Practices in Canada  
INS353H1 First Nations Politics in Canada  
INS354H1 Indigenous Governance and Self-Determination  
INS355H1 Current Issues in Indigenous Environment and Health  
INS360Y1 Politics and Process of Reconciliation in Canada  
INS371H1 Topics in Indigenous Literatures Content in any given year depends on the instructors.
INS372H1 Special Topics in Indigenous Language Content in any given year depends on the instructors.
INS380H1 Special Topics in Indigenous Studies Content in any given year depends on the instructors.
INS390H1 Research and Ethics in Indigenous Studies  
INS398H0INS398Y0 Research Excursions Details at Research Opportunities
INS402H1 Traditional Indigenous Ecological Knowledge  
INS403H1 Indigenous Peoples and the Urban Context  
INS404H1 Anishinaabewin Intellectual Traditions, Narrative and Culture  
INS405H1 Indigenous Thought & Expression: Creative Non-fiction  
INS407H1 Indigenous Environmental Justice  
JIG440H1 Indigenous Geographies  
JFP450H1 Indigenous Issues in Health and Healing  
JIH460H1 Indigenous Histories of North America  
INS460H1 Indigenous Theory, Research and Methods This course is only open to students enrolled in a Specialist or Major in Indigenous Studies.
INS480H1 Advanced Special Topics in Indigenous Studies Content in any given year depends on the instructors.
INS491Y1 Topics in International Indigenous Studies Content in any given year depends on the instructors.
INS492H1 Topics in International Indigenous Studies Similar to INS491Y1, except INS492H1 is a 0.5 credit course. Content in any given year depends on the instructors.

INS493H1,  INS494Y1

Independent Experiential Studies

Students design and implement an independent experiential Indigenous studies research project in consultation with an Indigenous organization and a faculty supervisor. Students must be enrolled in a major or specialist program in Indigenous Studies, and require written permission from a faculty supervisor and the Director of Indigenous Studies.



Independent Research Supervised independent research on a topic agreed on by the student and the supervisor before enrolment in the course. Available only when someone is willing and able to supervise.


Relevant courses offered in other programs within the Faculty of Arts & Science:

Course Code Course Name Note
ANT210H1 Anthropologists and Indigenous Peoples in North America  
ANT315H1 Arctic Archaeology  
ANT327H1 "Diversity": Critical/Comparative Studies of Indigeneity, Multiculturalism and (Settler) Colonialism  
ANT384H1 Special Topics in Society, Culture and Language Content in any given year depends on the instructors.
ANT458H1 Indigenous Health Histories and Canadian Settler Colonialism  
AST310H1 Indigenous Worldviews & Astronomy The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)
CRI364H1 Indigenous Peoples & Criminal Justice  
CRI422H1 Indigenous Law  
CSE341H1 Theorizing Settler Colonialism, Capitalism and Race  
ENG254H1 Introduction to Indigenous Literatures  
ENG355Y1 Transnational Indigenous Literatures  
FAH255H1 Art of Indigenous North America  
FAH452H1 Contemporary Indigenous Art in Canada and the United States  
HIS262H1 Canada: A Short History of Here  
HIS419H1 Canada By Treaty: Alliances, Title Transfers and Land Claims  
LIN458H1 Revitalizing Languages  
RLG331H1 Creation Narratives and Epistemologies  
SDS385H1 Queer Indigenous Politics and Cultures  

Group B

Course Code Course Name Note
ANT200Y1 Introduction to Archaeology  
ANT204H1 Social Cultural Anthropology and Global Issues  
ANT311Y1 Archaeology of North America  
ANT317H1 Archaeological Fieldwork Practical field training through six weeks of excavation on an archaeological site. Basic principles of artifact handling and classification. (Offered only in Summer Session) Not eligible for CR/NCR option.
ANT319Y1 Archaeology of Eastern North America  
ANT320H1 Ancient Cultures of the Andes  
ANT348H1 Medical Anthropology: Health, Power and Politics  
ANT366H1 Anthropology of Activism and Social Justice  
ANT407H1 Inka and Aztec States  
ANT410H1 Hunter-Gatherers Past & Present  
CAR225H1 Caribbean Societies  
CAR226H1 Caribbean Political Thought  
CSE240H1 Introduction to Critical Equity and Solidarity Studies  
ENG270H1 Introduction to Colonial and Postcolonial Writing  
ENG350H1 Early Canadian Literature  
ENG371H1ENG372H1 Topics in Indigenous, Postcolonial, Transnational Literatures Content in any given year depends on the instructors.
HIS106Y1 The African Diaspora in the Americas, 1492-1804  
HIS230H1 Indigenous and Early Colonial Caribbean History  
HIS264H1 Critical Issues in Canadian History  
HIS318H1 Histories of the "Wild" West  
JHN323H1 Indigeneity in the Caribbean  
LAS350H1 Indigenous Realities in Latin America  
LIN351H1 Sociolinguistic Patterns in Language  
RLG307H1 Museums and Material Religion  
SDS382H1 Intro to Queer of Colour Critique