Meet CIS Alumnus: Sharai Masanganise 

July 14, 2023 by Alexandra Pennell

Name: Sharai Masanganise 

Background: Zimbabwe  

Graduate Year: 2020 

Areas of Interest: Marginalized Communities 

What drew you to our program? 

My area of interest has been marginalized communities and so moving to Canada, it made the most sense to study our Indigenous peoples. I also worked for the corporate world for 15 years prior, and have found that academia to be more fulfilling.


Which course was your favourite?  

No favourite, I have appreciated all the approaches and views from each course offered.


In what ways has your time in our program helped your career?  

I am currently pursuring a masters here at UofT and have been focusing my research on Indigenous women.


In what ways were you involved with Indigenous Studies at UofT? 

I volunteered with and attended the ISSU Powwow. I have taken the time to visit Six Nations as interest to better educate myself on our Indigenous people here. I also started a program with the Blue Mountain Library in order to grow their collection of Indigenous literature. Prior to my work, the library had no section dedicated to Indigenous peoples. I was also involved in the Hart House play "Encounter in the edge the woods".


What would you say to a prospective student interested in our program? 

There is so much to learn about our land, our country, and its heritage. Learn more. Follow the path.